Click on the links to hear demo recordings of portraits from We Outran the Sun.

We Outran the Sun (Shawn Kemp)

After Apple Picking (Christine Mild)

A Soft Spoken Serious Man (Michael Stuhlbarg)

Keys That Don’t Open Locks (Ciera Wells)

Gretchen and Freddy Get Married Today (Gretchen Hall and Freddy Arsenault)

I Can Breathe Underwater (Dave Beck)

It’s Okay to Break (Stacey Linnartz)

Right Foot to Red Circle (Chad & Kari Rehmann, John Whitlock, Alana Rudy, Pat Holt, and others)

Ten Times Round the House (Eva and Leo Kowatch)

You Only Live Twice (Christopher Grant)


In performance, the songs are preceded by interviews with the subjects of the songs, creating a companion visual/multimedia portrait.  Below is the interview of Stacey Linnartz that accompanies her song, “Its Okay to Break.”


During the performance of the songs, additional film images play across the canvas. Below are the projections that play during the song “After Apple Picking.”

All music and lyrics ©2010 Matthew Carlson.

All film ©2010 Matthew Carlson and Michael Heck.