I’m Matthew Carlson.  Or just Matt.  Or just Carlson.

I’m an actor, a playwright, a composer, an artist.

I grew up in rural Michigan.

I now live in New York City, in the northern reaches of Manhattan.

Artists I admire: Chuck Close and Robert Rauschenberg.  Sarah Ruhl, Chuck Mee, and August Wilson.  Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, and Radiohead.  Hemingway.

I’ve worked extensively as a theater actor, both regionally and in New York.  I am often out of town and far from home, and something of a rambling man.

I’ve written plays: These Northern Stars, Inside the Hand, and home, sweet.

I’ve composed music for plays by Mac Wellman, Jordan Harrison, and well… me.

I have an expensive education, with loans I’ll be paying back for the next oh 25 years.  BS: Northwestern, MFA: NYU Grad Acting.

I wrote a song cycle called We Outran the Sun, which evolved into multimedia piece for the theater.  This blog was a documentation of that process.