Monday I performed We Outran the Sun at the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York. The following photographs were taken by my collaborator Michael Heck, during our short technical rehearsal that afternoon.   You can see the design changes and adjustments: the canvas placed on an easel, the use of an electronic piano and the subsequent idea of incorporating moving boxes, the projector placed on the floor instead of hung from the grid.  I was pleased with the performance, glad that a number of people who weren’t able to see the project this summer at Studio Tisch had the opportunity to experience the show.  I played a new encore, a song by the band Hem called “Half Acre,” about which I’ll probably write more at length later this week.  We staged the show on the set of the currently running production, Once Upon a Time in New Jersey (set design by Jen Price Fick and lighting design by Isabella Byrd).  All photography ©2010 by Micheal Heck.  Set design for We Outran the Sun by Damon Pelletier, lighting design by Kate Ashton.

(Using an electronic keyboard left no room for the monitor, hence the use of boxes)

(Rehearsing “Half Acre,” a song about home and Michigan by the band Hem)

(Adjusting projections in rehearsal, image of Michael Stuhlbarg on the canvas)

(Still somewhat amused that I created a project where I play the piano constantly)

(Note the canvas on an easel, and the projector on the floor, other slight changes)

(A sense of the set behind me, Damon walking across stage on the right)

(With designers and collaborators Kate Ashton and Damon Pelletier)