Tonight will be the first night that someone in a portrait will be at a performance. Gretchen and Freddy are coming tonight, and Stacey and Chris will be at the Sunday performance.  I sort of can’t wait to share it with them, but it has also brought to mind the people in the project who won’t get a chance to see it.  I have two more performances of this workshop production as part of Studio Tisch, and I fully intend for the project to have further life.  For example, I hope to do it this fall when I’m back in Greensboro, NC to do a play at Triad Stage.  The project is mobile enough, just me at the piano with my laptop, that I hope to take it to different theaters when I work out of town.  No development needed, only a small theater or cabaret space and a few hours of tech and I’d be ready to perform.  And of course I’d love to have a run at some point at a theater in New York.  All in good time I suppose. So there certainly is a chance that the other people in the portraits will get to see the project.  But it’s also made me think that I’d like to share a bit more of their portraits on the blog in the interim.

(Myself, Kevin, Lanny Green, and Shaina at a Wizard of Oz rehearsal in 1996)

Kevin Beebee, a high school friend who played the Tinman to my Scarecrow in the first real piece of theater I performed (not counting elementary school musicals) came last night.  We used to play Canon in D together on the piano before each performance.  About a month ago I also saw Shaina Allen when she was here in New York with her husband.  She played Dorothy in that same production of The Wizard of Oz.  The audiences have been a mix of people from all different portions of my life, as well as – of course – people I don’t know.  But having Kevin there, who was a part of the very beginning of my life as an actor, meant a lot to me. And of course, turned my thoughts back to my high school friends who are featured in “Right Foot to Red Circle.”  Watching the interviews every night in performance and playing the songs, it really feels like I’ve seen or spent time with the people in the portraits.  I called Dave Beck today, and it was strange to think that they haven’t been having the same experience.  That of course will change tonight.

(Shaina Allen and I fourteen years later, about a month ago at a bar in New York)

But for my high school friends, who are scattered across the country, I thought I’d post the projections that accompany their song.  Below should be a link to the projected film that plays while I’m performing their song, “Right Foot to Red Circle.”