You Only Live Twice was the 5th James Bond film, with a screenplay written by Roald Dahl of all people.  Dahl is best known as the British author who wrote such beloved children’s novels as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach.  Released in the summer of 1967, the plot centers around the hijacking of two different spaceships: one American and one Russian.  Each country blames the other, thus bringing the world to the brink of World War III.  Our dapper hero however, still played by the singular Sean Connery, realizes it must by the Japanese who are to blame.  The soundtrack to the film is performed by none other than Nancy Sinatra.

(The orignal promotional artwork for the 1967 Bond film)

I knew none of this when I originally wrote the portrait of Chris Grant, “You Only Live Twice.”  When we were brainstorming what to shoot for projections to this song, Mike mentioned the Bond film offhand.  I immediately knew this was the idea we needed to use, and that Chris would be more than game to shoot a short James Bond sequence.  Thursday we spent maybe an hour backstage at the Nederlander, on the roof and in the alley, up and down the fire escape, filming footage of Chris in a black suit and sunglasses.  The contrast between his interview and projections will be rather stark.  Chris wears an eye patch and a WWII helmet during his interview, and had spent the evening with his friend Jameson.  For the projections, Chris is a super spy in a crisp black suit and black sunglasses, ready to save the world.

Below are few stills of the two of us from the shoot.

(The sequence of Chris doing kung fu is not to be missed, ©2010 Michael Heck)

(Myself and Chris after the shoot; nothing says cool like sunglasses, ©2010 Heck)