I have always looked younger than I am, and felt older than I am.  It’s a fairly strange combination.  As an actor, I typically play roles five to ten years younger than my actual age.  People keep telling me that I should appreciate this, but it gets a little monotonous auditioning for the various incarnations of the young lover in Shakespeare and the sensitive All-Amerian boy next door.  I’m starting to move into the category of young leading man, which is a nice change (at long last, no more high school students for me).  I distinctly remember waking up in undergrad at Northwestern, tired and a little hungover, pleased with the dark circles under my eyes.  For the first few hours of the morning, I looked maybe six months older.

(Beneath the GW Bridge, with a few circles under my eyes ©2010 Michael Heck)

As I get closer to 30, I’m beginning to notice the signs of aging a bit more, and understand why people try to elude the hands of time.  I woke up early yesterday, hoping to get to Brooklyn before the heat became unbearable, to film the last few shots for the projections I have yet to edit.  I’m assuming there must have been a fire on the tracks that morning somewhere along the A line, because trains were delayed and stopped, and eventually service to Brooklyn on the F was discontinued. It took me about 2.5 hours and three train lines to make my way to Brooklyn to pick up the projector I’m renting, and then meet Mike at his place in Park Slope. We filmed a few shots on his roof, and then retreated to a bar around the corner. I decided to watch the Germany vs. Spain World Cup game with Mike yesterday instead of writing a blog post.  I can only say, it was worth it.

We’ve been editing film as fast as we can.  The day we had 103 degree heat, I wrapped a bag of frozen mixed vegetables in a towel and placed them underneath my computer to keep it cool, as my Macbook slowly but determinedly wrote video in Final Cut. Yesterday after the World Cup game, I made a much smarter choice and headed to NYU to edit film in the comfort of air conditioning.  I looked a little older this morning when I took a glance in the bathroom mirror, which is fine really, but not something I get all that excited about any more.  Tempus fugit, right?  Time flies, it keeps moving forward.  We’re getting really close to having all the film shot and edited.  In the last few days I’ve finished projections for “We Outran the Sun,” “Right Foot to Red Circle,” and ” Gretchen and Freddy Get Married Today.”  Below you can check out some of my work, the projections that will accompany the portrait of Gretchen Hall and Freddy Arsenault.