Well, everything is starting to become real.

What began as a handful of tunes written about the people in my life has now evolved into a song cycle/multimedia piece for the theatre.  I looked up from my work today and realized that I’ll be performing this project for an audience in the Shubert Theater in a little less than three weeks.  I edited the interview of Chris Grant (“You Only Live Twice”) last night, my first attempt at narrative editing.  The projections I’d been working on – though involved – are somewhat simpler and more image based.  Mike and I filmed Ciera (“Keys That Don’t Open Locks”) yesterday, and I received DVDs in the mail from John Whitlock (“Right Foot to Red Circle”) and Christine Mild (“After Apple Picking”).  Of the ten interviews, we have nine of them filmed and six of them edited.  Soon we’ll move our attention more fully to the projections that will play during the songs themselves.

I created a public Facebook event today so if you’re reading feel free to invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  I also set up an email address to take reservations: weoutranthesun@gmail.com.  Performances are July 15-18, each night at 8:00.  If you plan on coming, making a reservation will help me plan a bit (and guarantee you a seat).  Admission is simply a suggested donation at the door.

(L: the piano where I write, R: my friend Shawn Kemp of “We Outran the Sun”)

As we come to the close of the week I think I should release another mp3 as well. The following song is the portrait of Shawn Kemp, which shares its name with the project, “We Outran the Sun.”  The post on Wednesday included her edited interview, which is the companion visual portrait to her song and will precede it in performance.  So for the first time you can see dual nature of the portraits, both visual and musical.  The link below is a demo mp3 of me at the piano.

We Outran the Sun by Matthew Carlson