I wrote another song today.

I subsequently had to promise Mike that I would stop writing new material, as each additional song means another interview to film and edit (not to mention the projections during the songs).  But I needed something to balance out what I’d written so far:  I needed another uptempo song, I needed that song to be about a guy, and I needed it to return us to the central image.  Also, ten songs seemed like an appropriate number; nothing comes in nines except baseball teams.  The song is called “You Only Live Twice,” and it’s about my roommate Mr. Christopher Ryan Grant.  Probably the closest thing to a rock song in the cycle, it’s loud, jangly, and irreverent.  Just like Chris.  I haven’t started to put the songs into a set list yet, but I imagine it will close the show.  He hasn’t even heard it yet, that’s how new it  is.

You only live twice / Why not walk right through the sun

I met with my friend Ben Graney today as well, and he’s agreed to lend a hand with publicity and assist in a few capacities as a producer.  We talked about a Twitter account (which I now have, but don’t really know how to use: @WeOutranTheSun), a Facebook page separate from my own, and the possibility of putting together a simple press kit.  I also talked to Dave Beck  (“I Can Breathe Underwater”) about designing the artwork used for any promotional materials.

We are elusive… soft spoken serious men (photo © 2010 Michael Heck)

Before New York became a sauna – only lacking the pleasant smell of cedar – I also had a chance to interview Michael Stuhlbarg (“A Soft Spoken Serious Man”).  He recently finished filming the first season of the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire, but found time to sit down with me.  We shot in the Schubert at NYU, where I’ll be performing the song cycle.  I wanted to have the image of theater seats behind him in his interview, and the red plush chairs of the Schubert worked perfectly.  His song is partly about how the life of an actor is simultaneously public and solitary, and he was really open and candid about what it means to him to be an artist. He’s the kind of actor I hope to be, that I strive to be – and I have to say, I was a little nervous interviewing him.  I’m really grateful he agreed to be part of the project.