We took the train out to Ronkonkama / The leaves were changing and so were we

Yesterday was a full day, to say the least.  I finished editing chapter two of the Archeology textbook, then got on a train to Williamsburg (or rather many different trains: the C, D, R, and L) to interview the lovely Stacey Linnartz (“Its Okay to Break”).  Post-interview, Mike and I went back to his place in Park Slope to look at the footage, start to edit “After Apple Picking,” and begin to brainstorm questions for the interview Tuesday with Michael Stuhlbarg.

photo © 2010 Michael Heck

What I’m saying, basically, is that we’re busy.

I must pause here to say that without Michael Heck, this project would just be a song cycle, sans the multimedia.  I now have Final Cut Pro on my MacBook, but film editing – I’m beginning to learn – is both complicated and time consuming.  Makes me feel a little bit like a luddite.  I’m really grateful to have Mike working on this project with me.  We’re getting close to a final edit on the interview with Dave Beck, which I hope to share soon.  And the footage we got for “After Apple Picking” looks fantastic.  That song (a portrait of Christine Mild) tells of a trip we took together out to Long Island last fall to go apple picking at an orchard.  Needless to say a few things went wrong, and we ended up buying apples at a farmer’s market instead.  To film the projections that will accompany her song, Mike and I took the LIRR back out to Ronkonkoma and shot footage from the train window, as well as footage around Ronkonkama and at the farmer’s market.

We also shot this little travelogue for all of you:

After recording Chapter 3 of this Archeology book today, I plan on spending a lazy Memorial day at a BBQ in Williamsburg with Trisha Rapier (and a few other folks from My Ohio, the musical I just finished in Vermont).  More from me soon though.

I mean, we interview Michael (“A Soft Spoken Serious Man”) on Tuesday…